AeroDynic Model Numbers and Options List Reference

AeroDynics, that were either gear or chain driven, had a data plate listing the model number as well as a series of letters that denoted that particular lightbar options.

AeroDynic options:

E=End Lamps


H= Halogen lamps

CF=Crossfire, mouse ears style

CF-SB= CF as above, Series "B", CrossFires that are independent from each other.

T or TT=Takedown light, single or double


Q=Quartz Halogen Bulbs

Z=custom job done at Federal

I=Independent Rotators

S=Small size frame

M=Medium size frame


R=Single direction cascade mirror flash

X=Front and rear cascade mirror flash



RWL=Single Direction cascade mirror Wrecker Lightbar


 Aero Sizes:

22 = 4 sections minibar

24 = 3, 3 1/2 and 4 sections lightbars with speaker center

25 = All-Light 10 sections lightbars

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